About Us

RockHouse is all the ROCK you need!

We bring a show jam-packed with all of the fist-pumping, danceable rock hits from the decade that was built on hairspray and spandex. Our goal it to transport the crowd back in time, and to get them to raise their hands in the air while they sing along to their favorite songs of the era. We are BIG on crowd participation, so EVERYBODY gets to rock right along with us!

Your crowd can expect all of the biggest hits from bands such as: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey, Poison, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Ratt, Kiss, and so many more! We love finding ways to get the crowd involved, and keep them engaged with dazzling lights, choreography, sing-alongs, confetti cannons, and customized LED smoke geysers. It truly is a ROCK Experience!


Meet The Band

Doug Blessing Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar for Rockhouse
Doug Blessing

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

As an avid music lover, Doug has been playing music professionally for over 20 years. His award-winning vocals, mixed with his high-energy stage persona, have entertained audiences in over a dozen states. Taking cues from his favorite performers from many different genres, Doug immediately connects with the audience and commands the stage every night!



Gregg Pruett Bass Guitar and Vocals for Rockhouse
Gregg Pruett

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Gregg entered the world of music at a young age, and has been rocking in a blaze of glory ever since. As a musician he has traveled throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, but found his true home with RockHouse. When he is not rocking the bass, he can be found cheering on the Buckeyes and spending time with family and friends. He lives life by one motto: Rock, Rock Til you Drop.



Kevi O'Connor Guitars and Vocals for Rockhouse
Kevin “Stretch” O’Connor

Guitars, Vocals

“Stretch” grew up listening to all kinds of music from all genres; from Sinatra to the Beatles. Then came the 80’s rock scene: the look, the style, and the guitars…he was hooked. He got his first electric guitar at age 15, and his love of playing music began. He described RockHouse as a guitarist’s dream to be involved in, and loves all the amazing fans of all ages that enjoy hearing and singing along to songs that bring them back to a time of great music!



Bryan Serif Drums for Rockhouse
Bryan Serif


Bryan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and has been playing drums professionally for over 10 years. He began as a part of an original band in Columbus, then transitioned to the 80’s cover band, RockHouse, in 2018. Some of his musical influences included Avenge Sevenfold, Tool, Rush, The Police and Def Leppard. He combines a high energy stage performance while injecting his unique playing style. In his spare time he enjoys attending Columbus Blue Jackets hockey games, playing with his two dogs and exploring all things tech!